the most important


in the world

is now a book.

for kids.


Human kinds' greatest questions, quandaries, paradoxes and koans can be found right here in one simple tome.  


But their answers will not.


It's important to wonder. Little brains need exercise, and we've made them an obstacle course - A philosophical primer for kids who are just starting to ask the big questions.


A book that encourages them to use their imagination to explore, and helps them become more comfortable living in a world that has as much mystery as it does certainty. 


What's the opposite of pizza? We don't know. And neither will you if you read this book, but that's not really the point of life, or the point of pizza, is it?


-William Oceans




 homas and Matthew used to be in crummy bands with each other. Now they write kids books and try to come up with any excuse to ride their bikes.

They're still in crummy bands, but books and bikes come first these days.




What's the Opposite of Pizza? Hardcover Book



Book Release Party at Goodyear Arts!
Nov 23, 2018, 6:00 PM
Goodyear Arts


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